Philippines today: Criminals and their sympathizers (Why?)

We have witnessed the events that were happening in our country today. Apart from the change when it comes to fighting crimes, economic status, newly implemented laws and public safety, the public now seems to be more involved in issues related to politics and government issues.

The sad thing is; based on what I have read on social media where public interact freely and voice out their opinions; I have noticed the continuous division between the anti and the pros (Pro Duterte and Anti Duterte). Though it is evident that there are more supporters of the current admin, there are still few who blatantly voice out their dislike and hatred towards the President.

The latest EJK Senate hearing aflame the bitterness and hatred of the anti towards the President. It even comes to the point that they have shown pity and support to the witness Matobato who is a confessed criminal and a hired killer. This is not the first time that public showed sympathy to a criminal. The war on drugs has garnered issues about being inhumane of the police authorities when it comes to arresting the criminals and killing some of them during operations.

Police are being bashed for the so-called “unreasonable force” while doing their duty to protect the innocent. If you have seen all the past Senate hearing, you can see the very saddening scene. The person on the witness stand is a convicted criminal, while the person in question is the one who just is doing his job to protect the public from these law offenders.

And the most alarming is, these criminals have gathered sympathizers from the public and maybe, even protectors from the government. What happened to our country today? The so called protectors of victims and innocents are now protecting the criminals.

I believe that there are major reasons for this. One reason could be, the Human Rights Act is used to protect criminals to rehabilitate them and understand their nature and in the process, making the police the oppressors. Or, this Human right act is used by some big fish in the government for their own agenda. This agenda could be to destabilize the present Admin, who knows.

Other reason which can be linked to the first reason, is the Media. Think of this. The bad news is always good news for a journalist. Common or natural event and incidents can never be exciting news. So the media seems to twist facts and create their own version of the story.

See for example; a headline about police arresting a criminal or killing a dangerous criminal during police operation or a police injured in the line of duty is not going to sell big. But if the headline is about a police killing a defenseless criminal, they will sell more and gather more readers. It is all about the money you know.

So I think two reasons why criminals today have numerous sympathizers, because of what the media it telling the public, and because of those politicians who would do anything to fulfill their own agenda and ruin those who are on their way.