Do the Philippines owe big time to America? And how Obama’s cancellation of Financial aid for infrastructure would affect us?

Many critics expressed their concerns how the verbal attacked of Philippines President Duterte against Obama would cost the Philippines. Though, the President is just being himself and just expressing his dismay. Ties between the US and our country is in jeopardy because of Duterte’s vulgar remarks, his critics said.

However, many of Duterte’s supporters does look at it the same way as the critics. And many are not anxious about the consequences of the cancelation. Many of them said that the Philippines do not need the America anymore, and Obama should mind his own problem in his country. One of the netizens said:

Obama definitely has the option to cancel. Question is, what are the consequences of the cancelation? For the Philippines, probably not much. We are a small fry in the political arena. It just so happens we have a very important geopolitical location in Asia, hence the interest of both China and the US here for their military facilities. That said, Duterte’s strong sense of sovereignty and non conformist attitude takes them out of their comfort zone. To the western world, his assertion of sovereignty is seen as a monstrous irreverence toward a world power.

Countries with very strong leaders like China, Russia and Singapore are probably amused and entertained watching the current dynamics between the Phils and US, rather than being concerned. They may see this as an opportunity. Obama’s cancellation could in fact open the doors for Putin and the Chinese leaders to strengthen ties with Duterte, which can potentially tip the balance of power in Asia, not because Duterte is all that important to them, but because the Philippines has always been a geographically strategic ally of the US. It also doesn’t help him that Obama just has two months left in his term. Having a bilateral with him at this time is probably more of a diplomatic exercise than one of policy and Cora¬†


Duterte, as those who knew him for long, is a leader who does not want to be interfered. And this issue between the US leader and Philippine leader is somehow amusing to the other leaders such as the leaders of China, Russia, and Singapore who even expressed their support to Duterte.

Yes, our country had been under the American regime, and it leaves many American influences that are dominating in our nation today. Filipino have a higher literacy compared to other developing country, and we owe that to the America. They have also helped in funding national defense and education. So, those are the thing that we owe to them.

But don’t you think that it is not reasoned enough that they should interfere in every decision of our country’s leader? We are not their puppet. They have helped us, and we are thankful for that. But the President has done well in just two short times.

Though he has a share of critics, including the media, he has an amazingly huge numbers of supporters, not only here in the Philippines, but also from other countries. Many are impressed by what he has done and believe that he can make a change. Let us give him a chance. And I hope, the US President will trust him and let him do his job.

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2 thoughts on “Do the Philippines owe big time to America? And how Obama’s cancellation of Financial aid for infrastructure would affect us?

  1. What good is the aide from the US if it ties down our policies to suite that of the US interests? We cannot even bring down the cost of medicines in this country because by doing so it will be against the interests of the big pharma of the US. So might as well cut the ties that are a hindrance in our pursuit of true independent democratic country.


    1. tama.. kung isispin, kaya namn talaga ng Pilipinas kung wala sila.. marami pang iabng country willing mag invest dito and if wala na mga corrupt, we can stand on our own,


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