Reflection of a Broken Soul

I thought  I’m strong enough; I  told myself many times that I can do this but when my downfall comes all I can do is cry. Everything I’ve been through making me wonder why it should happen that way. And I ask myself what I have done; that’s not how I wanted it to be.

I want to do the things that will make me happy, and my Angel love is my happiness. But it was taken away from me. Now that it’s gone I don’t know how to bring it back again, but I also know that I need to keep going. Even if the road is not clear to me, I’m asking God to lead me to the right path and show my purpose.

Deep inside me is scared to be derailed again for I’ve seen my detours in the past. I’ve felt the most pain, it broke my heart into pieces and putting it back together is not an easy thing to do.  For it’s not only the heart that has broken, but it goes deep into my soul that’s why it’s hard to mend again.

It takes the time to heal a broken heart and whatever you do the scar will always be there. Moving on is easy for those who didn’t suffer the pain but to those who felt it, it’s hard to surpass. My heart is idle now but amidst of my sadness, there is still memories to comfort, to cherish and love that can heal.

Yes, it’s Love, a love for myself. Sometimes I want to open the window of my existence, but I’m also afraid to show my anguish. The past leaves me a footprint, and my soul wishes that when there no words left, there is still HOPE and TIME to shine once again.

by: Maricel Paguia