Duterte is accused of promoting Anarchy, criticized, and the International media is successful in spreading bias reports against him but he stands firm on this fight.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is firmly against and wants to eradicate the corruption and drug trades in the country. Since he was elected, he is now waging a bloody war against drugs; thousands of drug users and pushers surrendered, and thousands of them killed in a buy-bust operation.

Despite his campaign in anti-drugs, all his critics are antagonistic toward his campaign and giving sympathy to the victims of the so-called “extra-judicial killing” rather than those victims of these drugs addicts. When he bravely mentioned the involvements of some judges in drugs, CJ Sereno is one of his critics, and feared that the president is legalizing a warrantless arrest and promoting anarchy.

“Ma’am, I am sorry but do not give such statement. You said, this country is sliding to anarchy. At no other time that the streets of Manila are almost freed of criminals. You walk around and find out,” Duterte said in a speech before the 10th anniversary of the East Mindanao Command in Davao CIty.

These murders, criminalities, illegal drugs have grown for the past 30 years, and what the previous administrations did about this? Nothing! Instead, some of them are the protector of the corrupt and drug lords.

Before President Duterte’s term, there are already killings every day; no one in the opposition gave attention to it, but why now it becomes controversial with the help of the bias media, and all his critics are crying out like a hungry lion in favor for those killed drug addicts? And the saddest truth is; international media is not on his side. Negative issues against him regarding his ways of handling the crimes is successfully  spreading and circulating even abroad. 

The President made it clear that the rule of law is vital. Justice system in the Philippines is weak, corrupt and not fair, it only serves the wealthy and the elite. President Duterte is a lawyer, and he was a prosecutor; he knows the law and the rules. As long as he is doing the right thing, the police and military will follow and support his legacy in the anti-drug campaign. 

“Do you think the military and the police agree that I will do something that will create anarchy and then they remain loyal to me? Ako ang unang papatayin niyan ma’am, sa totoo lang. They have no loyalty to me. These guys (are) loyal to the Constitution and the Flag,” he said.

“And for as long as I am doing right, they will support me. If I have the tendency to go ahead with anarchy and be a dictator I will know, they will execute me. That’s the truth if you really want to know. These guys have only…they only have the eyes to the Flag of the Republic of the Philippines and the written manifestation of the Flag is our Constitution,” Duterte said.

As the highest leader of this country, the President has the rights and obligation to do anything and order the police and military to protect his people and his country, but it doesn’t mean that he is a dictator. The fact that the majority of the Filipinos support him; it proves that he is just fulfilling what he has promised. The President is just doing his job for his country, and only wants that his people will live in harmony and peace. 


Contributor: Loradel

Editor: MCG