Pres. Duterte war on drugs is supported by the US

From: Philstar headlines

According to the US Ambassador Philip Goldberg last Thursday that the United States faces the same problems on drugs like the Philippines. He stated that he is committed to supporting President’s Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs. But he stressed that due process should be observed.

Despite the issues between the relationship of the United States and the Philippines, the Philippine leader is still open for communication to other world leaders. Last Wednesday, July 27, 2016 in Malacañang Palace, US Secretary of State John Kerry has a meeting with the Philippine President. Their meeting includes the discussion of South China Sea dispute and of course, the fight against crimes.

Goldberg, Kerry, and President Duterte are former prosecutors, so they believed that the President knows what he is doing because he knows the legal aspects of the fight against drugs.

They know about how to go about the legal aspects of this but we made clear that this is the way that we deal with it and this is the way that everyone should deal with it. I think that’s at least from the Philippine side that they said they were going to proceed,” Goldberg said.


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  1. He is doing right for the Philippines. Everybody knows it and likes it except for the few who have done or are still doing something illegal and are afraid to get caught!


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