Conquering a kidney disease (for this woman, pain and heartaches are blessings in disguise)

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This is a thought from a woman who have conquered her kidney disease, lost someone in the process, but still came out strong despite everything she has been through. Her story is very inspiring, and it touched me in every core of my being, and I couldn’t help sharing her thoughts and words here on my blog, thinking that it could also inspire anyone who will read this.  

When we are in deep sorrow, if heartaches seem worst than the pain caused by our disease, giving up is the only way we can think about. But it is different for Amy.
Here’s what she said:

When my kidney disease was in its worst case (swelling worse than the mid photo), the steroids and diet restriction did not seem to be enough. I never knew that peace and happiness, truly letting God take over, are also keys to my recovery.

In this chapter of single motherhood and kidney disease, I have learned many things.

– God has a perfect timing. He is great and will never leave you.
– Prayers help.
– Even sleepless nights and heartaches are blessings in disguise.
– There is abundance of love, care, and goodness everywhere, especially with family and friends.
– Loving yourself is not a cliche. And part of loving yourself is self-discipline.
– Every day is a gift.
– Some things are worth brushing off. Leave them to God and sleep.
– Hatred and grudge will not help anyone. Revenge is not the way to go.
– Cheating should only be in terms of diet. 🙊

So one day, it may seem that things are not going your way. One day, you may feel you have less than what you need. In some days, you may feel you have a lot. Remember that ‘in everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the heaven’, and that there is no pain truly unbearable with God in your heart.


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