Single Motherhood

author: Loradel C. Nuyad

A child is a precious gift that a couple may have because not all couples are blessed even to have one.  To bear a child, to become a good mother and raising a child and makes him/her a better and successful person someday. But what if you raise your child alone?

A Mother is a primary caregiver in the family, but it is not easy being a mother and a woman. Raising a child alone is a lot different than those kids having mother and father who live together and both involved in taking care of a child.

Duties for a solo parent are no different from a married woman. In child care, coping sleepless night, paying bills, does laundry and making baby food. But you will do these entire things alone and on your own.  As a single parent, you have to show up high and confidence to cope up everyday challenges. A mother’s role is never ending, from the time you woke up until you lay on your bed, but there are times you have to wake up in the middle of your sleep.

You have to work hard and be at home physically and emotionally, and sometimes you forget to have a social life. But these all hardship is nothing when you see that your child is happy and contented of what she/he has. As the saying goes; the true essence of a woman is lying in her attributes of who she is and what she can offer to herself and all the people around her.

As a mother, our only wish is to give our children the best of everything and see them successful and happy individual.  And that’s the greatest reward we get before we say farewell to the world. Behind a fruitful and happy child are a mother’s hardship and unconditional love.