Travel Heals

Life can seem so tough at times to the point that we want to give up. Heartaches, illness, failures, loss of a loved one, frustrations—too many challenges that make us stressed, anxious, and depressed. I have been through many tough times myself and I have tried several strategies to cope with the hardships.

“I was preoccupied, I put a tight grip on my money, and many times I just preferred to lock myself in a room, not realizing that going out would help me a lot. It took time before I realized that I wanted to have fun, and slowly, to my surprise, I became well. Then I discovered why.”

Amy and Yen enjoying the solitude of Nature

A dose of nature is good for you, your brain, and your well-being. Studies report that exposure to nature makes people healthier and that those with less contact with nature and not much good in adjusting, they are prone to depression and anxiety. Some studies also show that nature provides benefits to brain functioning. Patients also tend to recover faster when exposed to trees.

Travelling gives us time for mindful meditation. With life’s chaos, we need to have time to pause and reflect on some things. When we travel, we are given the unique chance to be one with ourselves, gather our thoughts, feel what we really want to feel, while remaining grounded and not attached with our emotions. This will greatly help us relax and feel relieved.

Mitchy in Davao City (left)  and  Douma, Lebanon(right)

Travel and nature remind us that there is more to life. When we unlock ourselves to the prison of negative thoughts and hurtful pasts, look around the world, and experience the bountiful blessings, we are reminded that life is beautiful and that we have great control of our responses. With the people we meet when we travel and the new places that we are able to visit, we know that the Lord is working to make things better for us. We just need to have a little faith in Him.

Photos credited to: Amy, Yen, April, Mizzy