Financially stressed? How to cope with it?

One or two weeks before payday, it has become my habit to scribble on my notes all the should-be expenses for the coming month. These include; house bills, groceries, kids school needs and of course debts to pay. But most of the time those checklists I made before paydays were not always followed. I always ran out of budget. And this made me realized that money is a hard process and if you always make it as a priority problem in your life, it will not do you any good but will only cause you stress.
With years gone by, after experiencing many financial crisis, I have discovered ways how to free myself from financial stress and cope with it eventually. It is not easy at first, but if you have a source of income and can find ways to earn, then it is not also hard to find the means to save.
Share your Financial issues with the family member
Lifestyle nowadays is quite frugal especially if you have mouths to feed. I have learned that sometimes it ‘s nice to open up financial issues with your kids so that they will not expect more from you. And it will also teach them that money matters are not always easy.
Ways to save money
First, you must make it a habit to always prioritize your needs than wants. Like the groceries and house bills. When it comes to house bills, electricity and water bills must come first. If there is one important reason that you have to spend for something that is inevitable, like emergency cases, then one solution is to sacrifice your cable bills or internet connection for the whole month.
Second, when it comes to food and groceries, find cheaper substitute food or ingredients that you used to store in your fridge and cupboards. There are natural fresh, ingredients that are healthier and less expensive. You can still make the healthy dish for your kids without over spending. Be resourceful in the kitchen.
Third: When it comes to debt, start teaching yourself to be contented of what is available in your home and kitchen. If it is not for emergency purposes, then do not lend money from anyone. Learn say no to any offers.
And also, when you are in the supermarket, do not get easily attracted to the product that offers discounts or such as, buy one take one promo. If you don’t badly need it and if it is not a necessity to your home, then why buy it? In this  way, you can save extra money that you might need in the future or for the emergency.
Attitude towards money

I discovered that de-stressing ourselves from financial problems has to do with our attitude towards money. There are many ways to save and make your monthly income enough for all your needs. All the tips above has been proven effective. I learned that what makes us happy is freeing our self from any stress. I do agree that money has to do with happiness and contentment, and even it has to do with family relationship. But our attitude towards it can really make a difference. Do not make money as the centre of everything. If you don’t want to undergo a financial crisis, then think before spending. Think of what you need and what will make you happy.