Jobless? Be Financially independent

Jobless? Be financially independent. Here’s how…. 😉

Because of the present problem of unemployment in our country, many talented and smart individuals are not lucky to be given a full-time job. Most of the Filipino who have the right credentials are settling for contractual job,  just to have an income.  Most of the time, they are working on a job which is not on their field of expertise or education. To be employed in our local government, it is socially accepted that you need connections to get a spot. Crediting the fact that some of the employed are not even suitable for the job. They are just fortunate because they got connections.  Mismatched in jobs is very common. It is also because people with a degree often accepts any jobs that may come in their way, hoping to have that security income.

Well, almost half of them are not aware that, because of our modern technology, there are lots of opportunities on the internet that they can earn more than the employed person is earning. The truth is, there is no such thing as job security nowadays. Why? Companies tend to terminate easily an employee that they will not need anymore. Contracts are most of the time for short term only. But, when you are a freelancer, you can earn higher than an employed person. Plus, you determine the hours that you will work. Yes, you may not have the benefits of a full-time employee, but you can always get yourself an insurance. You can be financially independent, and  You can always have the power to decide and even to choose your boss and to choose a project that you are really good at.

If you just have a laptop and an internet connection, and  your English is excellent, and even if you just have basic knowledge in computers, you always have a chance to be a successful freelancer. You don’t need a source. All you have to do is browse. There are many ways that you can earn on the internet. You can check the Best 100 Companies for Flexible Internet Jobs for a guide. Remember, in freelancing, you can use your skills and knowledge  even without showing your diploma. You can succeed. Unemployment is not a problem now. Open your mind and explore the opportunities that you can reach within your fingertips. Make a move now and stop stressing yourself and worrying on the failed interviews and applications. You always have a chance.

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