Girls, you dont have to talk too much. Stay low key…


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Stay low key.

Not everyone needs to know everything about you. Don’t you know that the most interesting people are those who doesn’t talk too much about themselves? Possessing that air of mystery makes you more exciting. Opening up too much about yourself just decreases your sense of mystery. Making you less attractive and boring. Leave something that people would take a time to guess, leave something, that only you have known, something that you can consider yours and yours alone.

 Yes, I know that it is a woman’s nature to show their emotions and share their thought. It is okay. It is okay to let others see you cry. It is okay to break out.  But, you don’t have to tell them the whole story why. Sometimes, silence is the best remedy for misunderstandings and false judgments. Let them discover the real you by themselves.

You don’t need to impress; you don’t need to explain. You can share your thoughts, but leave something for yourself. Create an air of mystery. Respect your privacy. Preserve yourself. You don’t need to open up yourself to the world, and the world does not need your explanation. Unless you are a celebrity. Remember, even celebrities wish to have a private life. So, stay low.

Photography by: Lie Maderse