Think of it. Yesterday, I was so in love and you mean the whole world to me.

You made me believe in fairy tales and even made me feel the worst pain ever.

But, you know what? Today, all seems just a weird dream.

I am amazed how could feelings change suddenly.

When you left me, I thought it was the end of me. The end of my happiness.

But I was wrong. Because today, I woke up feeling refreshed.  

Seems like all the pot on my back was lifted.

I’m Trying to remember how it used to feel to hear your voice, every morning and before I sleep.

I’m Trying to feel again the thrill I felt everytime you said sweet things to me.

But, I couldn’t feel it anymore. Instead, the memory just made me smile.

It was a stupid sweet mistake.

But it never made me give up, of wishing, of believing in fairy tales, it never made me lose hope of loving again.

In fact, I am more than ready now.

I am even excited to feel that thrill again, and to feel this refreshing happiness and renewal after being hurt by the one you love.

It is indeed an exciting adventure that I am willing to take over and over again.


Photography by: Lie Maderse