Bayangan Island :White paradise Amidst the blue


In the town of Labason, Zamboanga del Norte,  locals here boast their white beaches, abundant fishes, and sea foods. This is a small developing town. But when you are looking for a perfect hideaway and island adventure, I suggest that you should visit the Island called Bayangan. It is 30 minutes travel by “banka” or boat from the town. Fishing boats are the only means of transportation to shuttle the island hoppers back and forth from town to Bayangan.  You can find these fishing boats on the shore of Osukan or in The shore along the town area.  This place has no advertisements and no websites even it was developed before by a known politician. This makes Bayangan, less visited and unfamous. Therefore, you can enjoy the space, the clean sea water, and the beach. You can see cottages there when you arrive at the island. You can either rent a cottage, bring your own Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent Deluxe XL canopy beach tent  or just settle under the shade of the Talisay tree. The island is not crowded which is a big plus to those who are looking for serenity.

While boarding on the “banka”, you can witness a flock of seagulls flying low waiting for their prey. It is a sight that you shouldn’t miss. The first time I saw them, it really amazed me how the other birds seem to stand above the deep blue water and fly away with a small fish on their beaks.  The island is at least 8 hectares small, white sand, lush coconut trees, and Talisay trees on the shorelines. 

There are two deep sand pools of blue water on the beach which are originally man-made (Im not sure about the reason why it is there or why they even dug the sand,creating these pools)  but somehow it added to that sense of authenticity and sense of excitement of the island. Adults love to swim and bathe in these pools, while children played in the sand surrounding the pool.  When you walk around the island, you will also see the little connecting island called “Baliodjong.” You can reach it by feet when it is low tide. Locals here have so many stories about this small island. For them, it is enchanted and mysterious.

When you want to experience fully the island hopping adventure, better bring a camping tent like the  Flexzion 2 Person Folding Tent Single Layer for Outdoor Sports Camping Hiking Travel Beach Backpacking Ultralight Waterproof with Zippered Door Carrying Bag  with you and all the necessary supplies, especially drinking water. No luxurious accommodations here and no free provision of safe drinking water.  At night, you can enjoy the ocean breeze around the fire, walk in the sand under the moonlight and you can go fishing at day. The water is crystal clear, and the sand is powder white. This is indeed a perfect getaway since the place is not crowded.  I can say that Bayangan island has the exquisite beauty worth seeing for.

Why dream of island hopping in faraway places when here in our province,  there are amazing destinations waiting to be discovered? 

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