My spoiled little boy


Having a spoiled son can often be stressful. But you know what, there are also moments that spoiling your kids is the most fulfilling joy of being a mother. Though our present society today, and of course as part of the culture of Filipinos, discipline should always be practiced at home. Nurturing a child to grow healthy and a gentleman is not easy especially if the father is away.

You need to be firm with your words and with your actions towards him everytime he commits something undesirable. But giving discipline to a boy who is always sick and there are even times that you feel that you almost lost him is the hardest thing to do. You will be judged by others of favoritism. Anyway, with my little boy, he has this attitude that would always make smile even at times when I am furious.

One time, When I lost my temper and shouted at him, he just answered back with a joke. How could you still get mad if he is all smiles and jokes? Other things that made me feel a lucky mom is that; this little boy would do anything just to help me at home. Imagine at the age of 9years; he will insist of cooking and even surprised me many times by making me a mug of “energen drink” while I am working on my computer, and even bring me a plate of fried egg (in which he cooked by himself) and rice on my working table. Take note; I have never taught him to do that. It just happens one day, and it is so natural to him.


He may be a spoiled brat compared to his two sisters, but this boy possesses a heart of gold. Motherhood has its own drawbacks. But nothing compared to the joy that these angels can give you. I am a disciplinarian type of a mother, and I even spank my child if needed. I nurture and encourage them to be independent, kind, honest and self-reliant. I think these are the traits that they must learn so that in the future, they can stand without me. This is my way of fulfilling my role as a mother aside from loving the,with all my heart.