Bukidnon: Truly a Highland Paradise

Indeed, God has made everything beautiful.

at the front of Mr. John Perrine’s house in Tuminugan Nature Sanctuary

Philippines boasts of many great places to visit. I have been to many towns, both for work and for fun, and each of the areas that I have been to have spots that have truly taken my breath away.

My recent travel was in Bukidnon, one of the largest provinces in the Philippines and which comprises almost half of Northern Mindanao. Fitting to how other people describe the place, Bukidnon is indeed a highland paradise. It has rich lands with most farmers planting rice and corn, some banana and pineapple; amazing view of Mt. Kitanglad, an inactive volcano; and caring communities.


In Bukidnon, we stayed at Bukidnon Country Lodge (BCL). I had high expectations of the place because of the feedback of my friends who have been there, but BCL did not disappoint me. It is the ideal place to go to when you want to have some quite time, away from city noise and chaos. I was there for work, but I did not feel any str’ess; the feeling was rather relaxing. It was home away from home. Every detail was well-thought of and well-maintained. I had really a great time just sitting at their couch after our planning session, enjoying the view of the garden, and then playing board games. The food was also great! I am restricted to salt and the helpers at BCL were kind enough to accommodate my requests. Plus, they even prepared the bonfire! Too bad, I was not able to meet the owner, Paula.


I also got the chance to go to the house of the Perrine’s and tour around the Hineleban Farm. The gardens, the processing centers, the farmlands, horses, flowers – all wonderful! I even got to take home packs of adlai and coffee! Ahhh, their coffee is one of the best, if not the best! And they say Adlai is a healthier alternative to rice and pasta so I asked my mother to try it. (Not for me due to my protein-restrictions L) I even bought more packs when I arrived in Manila.


This farm started from almost nothing. But look at it now. Look at how tall the trees are.Sorry, no photos of the horses.

My stay in Bukidnon was short so I did not get the chance to see all of the beauty there but my three-day stay was enough to make me say that Bukidnon is worth a number in your bucket list. It was really a humbling experience to witness the fruits of labor of our farmers and be amazed by the idea that we all have roles to play in being stewards of God’s blessings.





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