Native feel and classy restaurant in Labason


The other day, I together with a friend went to the municipal office for some important transaction. It was almost lunchtime when we finished, so we decided to try a fast food where we have visited months before. We had tried the shomai in this fast food before, when this place was still smaller and different.When we passed the place the other day, it was improved and looked more inviting. When we are already in the area, I am very excited to learn that they have pizza already included on the menu for I’ve been craving for it for months ever since I came home from Davao. The native feel of the place will surely catch the eyes of the passersby. “Balai ni Edad” seems a perfect place when you want to eat in solitude. Open air, homey, sunlight streaming in, and plants everywhere in the place.


The fast food chain was unique in many ways. Its ambiance was nice; it felt like home. This is perhaps because of its native setting—bamboo furniture and wooden tables and stalls. Oh, and the wall paintings are attractive, too.  You can always feel that “pinoy” touch in the place. An environment different from the usual fast food chains we know. Then I noticed a grill outside the store. Learned that they sell barbecue at night.I f you have stayed in the city for too long, and come to visit Labason town, this place is worth to see. 

Balai ni Edad serves pizza, burgers, french fries, shomai, halo halo and shakes. Since it’s our first time (actually 2nd time, since it was very different the first time I visited this place) and we did not know exactly know what to order, we order some kinds for each. It did not take long before the orders came. So that was another factor that lifted up my spirit. The food presentation is also impressive. The quality looked just like the feel of the place- classy.


Unlike other burgers in town, theirs include lettuce- and this definitely got a thumbs up sign from me since I have been looking for that. As I have mentioned, I was craving for pizza for months; we also tried their pizza. They have Hawaiian pizza, but I like the Pepperoni more. And If I’m not mistaken, they used Edam cheese instead of mozzarella cheese, which is a plus for me. Eden has the stronger flavor and sweeter aroma than mozzarella, and it blends well with the mushrooms and the green bell peppers.  Only, you have to wait for 30 minutes or more before it will be served to you. Fortunately, the taste is worth the wait and the pizza is still hot. I can say that their pizzas come at par with the famous pizza stores in the city. But the must-try is their cookies and cream shake that without a doubt, will make me come back.


The prices are a bit higher compared to other fast food chains here in town, but cheaper than those in the city. The only thing that I think needs to be improved is their customer service. I just hope the crew should be more attentive because it took us a long time before we got the water we asked for. But generally, it was a great new experience. And special thanks to their shake, my day got saved.

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  1. most of the time,foods in fastfood and restaurants in a small town and provinces are much tastier than to the famous restos in the cities. Why? bcoz they taste more homey and less commercialized.

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