Confession of a Book addict


I am so indulged in reading stories on the internet these days, and enjoying the convenience of reading novels in watt pad. But honestly speaking, I still love the old fashion way; where I have a real book in my hand to read in my favorite nook. I used to fall asleep in the library after reading so many books until my eyes got tired. I used to climb a tree to find a branch where I could settle and read. I miss the sound it makes.

I used to climb a tree to find a branch where I could settle and read. I miss the sound it makes everytime I flipped every page. I miss the smell of the paper; It was a scent of an old story a long time ago. And I miss that feeling of fulfillment when I owned one. I always love the pride I felt when I loan it to a friend. And what is the best thing about those days? When you read, you will thoroughly experience the story that you are reading. It is really different when you just read it on the internet.

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There was even a time when I got depressed. When all around is against me. The book is my only friend and refuge. I could stay up whole night reading, exploring places in where I am the only one can travel. I have a place where I will always be welcomed. When reality seems an endless incident of disappointments, a story in the book is my hope and the only thing that makes me believe on the other side of something. You know what I mean.

And oh!!! You know what in the books that I loved so much?every page is a new discovery. Whatever I am now, my book is one of my biggest teacher. It is raining now! This is my best time to read.. With a tea on my side, and an egg sandwich on my left hand, I can stay like this whole. Finish a whole book or maybe five? Well, this is better than daydreaming. .. 😉 Bye internet for now. Im going back to my old friend…