I remember YOU

th (3)

It’s 2 am and I have been awakened by a dream
It is a dream that seems to happen so long ago
I couldn’t remember all details now,
But the feeling still lingers and still fresh.
I remember the breeze as it touches my skin
I remember the warmth of a hand holding mine
I remember that scent, that scent that used to make me fall asleep

I remember the giant roses that I used to love
The sound of your voice that used to give me hope
Hope that my day would end okay no matter what
I remember the sound of the waves in the ocean
I remember how we talk amidst the noise of the waves
I remember that feeling of how to be loved by you.


It was so long ago now.

I have moved on, And everything life with you seems jus a picture from a past. But this dream, It is a like a movie screen in front of me

It is blurred but the emotions ae crystal clear
It brings back the memories that I have already forgotten
It brings back emotions that now seems strange to me

It made me remember you
It made me miss you.