To The 16 – year old me

Please don’t see this as any type of letter rather the words that you wanted to hear but never heard of;

I want you to keep in mind that whenever you look at yourself in a mirror, I can read you like paragraphs, and your tears are a thousand words pouring down into the blank chapters of your life;

I want you to know that whenever you sit in silence, please don’t think that you’re either sad or happy,
For it is your very own paradox that you find solitude when you experience aloneness;

And to tell you frankly, please don’t despise the people you encounter with, it’s not the people, it’s the demand of social interaction;
I know you love talking to them, but unfortunately, you can’t be with them in large doses, they exhaust you; It’s your innate ability to deal with social interaction;

I know you’re terrified when the cold night approaches, so you helplessly cling to your skin hoping to find warmth,
But please do look at the stars, what do you see?
Yes, you can draw a line between two faint stars and connect it to the others, and call it a constellation of yourself;

Of your individuality- There will come a time that you may run from the illusion of realityAnd try to escape in your labyrinth,
It’s a never ending maze you created yourself,

But no matter what it is, whether your deep thoughts or your altered mind, You are still a hologram of individualism. You may wander with your eyes in someone else’s soul but don’t lit up a war in your heart,
It will create a black hole, swallowing everything around it.
And you may destroy yourself in the process;

You are a morsel left unswallowed but never think that you are a disregarded humanoid Like any other bacterias, you are peculiarWhile trying to contemplate everything that surrounds you,
Seeing that the world is arcane, Full of obscure lies in the mouths of indistinctive people,

You may suffer from dementia or neurosis.But please do remember that your sanity is enough to keep you sane.
You may still feel the downward spiral in your stomach Or you may loss your breathings due to the presence of the people who intoxicates you but please don’t drown yourself in the waves of anxiety;

And that, you will hear the gentle drumming of your heart or gentle drumming of your heart or the humming of pulse in your wrist;
Listen to the call of your authentic self and not the mystagogue who corrupts your mind – which teaches you false ideologies;

You must carry the belief of what you think is right and trust no one who judge you;Never forget to speak in mind And hear in soul.
For silence you seek that one day all these anguish, frustration, doubt, and angst will wake up inside you; And so, this must end in the most painful way;

Love anonymously,
The 16-year-old you

by: Arriane Brazil