Why the Leader of Davao City is the perfect example of a GREAT leader?

Choosing the right leader during an election is not easy for many of us. Especially if we have not witnessed what the candidates has done in the past, and we are not sure if he will fulfil his promises during the campaign period. Now let me give you some hints of a great leader.

A great Leader is, of course, someone who is brave enough to take responsibilities for his actions. He will take the blame just to protect his people.

A great leader shows commitment. Meaning he will stick to his promises and would do anything to fulfil it even if it means that his name is at stake.

A good leader must have a sense of humour. Every leader may face a dire situation which his patience will be tested. Well, a good leader must know how to react and can turn a boring, awkward situation into a laughing session. He knows how to cool off the tension.

Last, a good is thoughtful and have a pure compassion to his people. He put the people first before his own.

So when a day comes that you must choose a leader, think of these qualities. And for all those who have not been acquainted with the leader who possesses all these qualities, well listen up.

When you have visited Davao, you will see the big difference in this city compared to other cities in Philippines. The cleanliness of the streets is not just for daylight, but also during at night.

And it’s only in Davao where there are no children asking for alms in every passing jeepneys and cars where they can be hit and die. Davao is said to be the safest city in the Philippines according the survey. And in fact, it was proven by foreign visitors of the city.

It’s only in Davao where you can walk safely on the streets without fearing that you will be victimised by a thief or a rapist. Criminals have no place in Davao. It is because the Leader is brave enough to deal with them.

There were times when natives from the mountains (ata) come to Davao to beg on the streets, but the leader of the city found a way to accommodate these natives. A truck will come to fetch all the natives and bring them to a gymnasium where they will be fed and be given goods that they can bring with them in their place. After they have eaten, the truck will take them back to their place safely.

One unforgettable experience I had in Davao is when my cousin and I joined the people lining up for free goods consisting, 2 kilo oof rice, 2 can be goods and two pack noodles. Actually, it was a schedule every Wednesday when free goods will be distributed to the people by the Mayor’s family.

What amazed me more is; when the lady (Mayor’s daughter) was giving the goods to the person in line, she will always say “Dili na sa amoa ang kwarta gipalit ana ha, inyoha ng kwarta” ( these goods are not from our money, it’s yours. That was a proof of genuine compassion without a mix of selfish political intentions.

Those words are not common from a politician family. We all know that politicians in Philippines when they do an act of charity they always want the presence of media to cover the moment. Some even put their name on the goods that they will distribute.

And when the leader of Davao speaks, there will never be a dull moment. He will touch your heart and even makes you laugh.

Davao is a place that every citizen would like to be a home. It is just because the place is rich in natural resources or because it offers a lot of opportunities but it is because the leader of the city has taken care of his people as if they were all his family.


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  1. Duterte has done many good things in Davao city that is why people in there loves him. I believe too that he is an example of a great leader. 🙌🙌🙌 I hope he will win this coming election. 🙌🙌🙌


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