The way to happiness is very simple, and it’s for free…

To be really happy, be thankful for what you have now. Shelter, your beauty, health, family, true friends, your life. That is what we called contentment. If your heart is full of jealousy, you will never be happy. You will just keep on comparing yourself to others, and the worst is, because of that jealousy, you will end up feeling inferior and insecure. And to satisfy that desire to be superior and above them, you will result to backstabbing, making up stories and lying.

Be careful of what you speak now, and how you treat the people around you, especially those who are faithful to you. Because soon, or someday, all will backfire on you. In an instant, you can lose everything and lose people who are sincere to you. All of us has our own demons that we are fighting, all of us have flaws. But we just need to accept and apologize instead of putting others down just to be excused and to reason out of your behavior. No secrets can be kept forever. 

Though forgiveness can be achieved, what’s broken is broken. However, the power to bring the pieces back together is in your hand. If you are the one who is the victim of other’s cruelty and selfishness, your patience will be tested. Yes, it is always a great relief to hurt back those who have hurt us. But for how long? Revenge is not the way to move on. Let it go. Do not let these kind of people ruin you. You have a lot of love to give and remember that you are a person worth loving for. If one person has hurt you so bad, think of the many who are always on your back and loving you despite of what you have been through.

If you just open your heart and mind and free yourself from pain, grudges and negativity, it is easy to start anew. Even the wilted friendship can be brought back to life. Happiness is living with a peace of mind, and a heart full of love, and eyes that always see the beauty behind every darkness. Learn from your mistakes and from the mistakes of others. Grow to be better and never ever think of revenge. It is not your duty. Let nature handles its course. You are here to live. So make use of it.

To be happy is to be contented. Accept the things  which are not meant for you. Never hold a grudge against others even if they have wronged you. Learn to forgive and move on. Whatever happens, always  be optimistic, that everything happens for a good reason. God will never give you a load that you can’t carry. Remember that.  

All of these seems to be a cliche, but it is the fact that most of us are denying.  Sometimes, we have to struggle hard, cry hard before we can realize that the very simple answer to happiness is for free, and so easy. Live life, love life and life will love you back…

=mizzy c.=