I have gained the skill of moving on…


Time, they say heals all wounds. But any kind of pain, we can never tell how long we feel it and how long it stays in our memory. When I was young I get used to physical pain that whenever I did something wrong, I am expecting a punishment to  a point that I numb myself.

Several ways I have gone through to move on from all types of pain, whether it be physical or emotional pain:

  • 1.I just cry and cry until the pain subsides
  • I tried to express it through writing
  • I tried learning to play a musical instrument
  • I tried going back to painting
  • I applied a new job with a fresh working environment
  • I  accepted a new job assignment
  • I travelled
  • I made new friends
  • I faced each day with full of hope
  • I whenever I remember, I diverted myself
  • 11.i go back to places where I was familiar with in my childhood days
  • I talk more often to my parents and siblings
  • I seek the company of my good old friends
  • I study again
  • I create new bucket lists to get more busy
  • read books
  • volunteer on community service
  • I cook healthy foods
  • I ate a lot
  •  I took care more of our pet dog

Then I realize,time passed so fast that I tried recalling all those moments I was in pain and struggling to get over it, I no longer can cry and no longer feel any pain. I am more focused of moving forward and chase my dreams. I am now better in moving on whenever people hurt me,whenever situations no longer favor me, whenever people no longer believes in me,whenever I feel alone, I feel the need to be stronger.

After all, time flies so fast that my priorities will change. Past is past and its much better to move on with our lives and get better.


Photography: Lie Maderse

by:  Regalado, Debbie