Good Things can happen after a Heartbreak

A heartbreak is something that can happen to anyone.  The most common cause would be; loss of a loved one, break up, or a divorce. When we are going through this stage, everything in our life is disrupted. Your routine may change, your responsibilities, most of all, the uncertainty of the future without your partner. These are the most causes of depression and anxieties after a breakup or loss.
How to recover from this heartbreak?
•    Let yourself grieve for awhile. It’s okay to cry, to feel angry. Let it out, shout, curse as much as you want until you think there are nothing anger and pain left. It is natural to let yourself feel the pain. Don’t fight it. You may feel, ugly, resentment to yourself, fear, confusions, hatred. But all of those will pass.
•    Take a break. After a heartbreak, you may not able to function well. You will be absent minded most of the time that it could affect your daily chores and job. Relax, take a  day or weeks to do nothing and take the time to heal.
•    Share your feelings. You don’t have to take it all alone. You will feel lighter when you have someone to share all your thoughts, pains, worries. Talk to your friend or someone that you feel you will not be judged.
•    After you have done all the three steps to recover, take care of yourself now. Plan for your future, be productive. Make a goal to achieve,  do your best to look good and to feel good, keep yourself busy and always do better with your responsibility. And for sure when you do this, everything will change, and you will start living again.
•    Do the things that you dream of, things that you are not able to do when you are with your partner. Energized yourself. Meet other people. Explore. Live.
•    Now, you have moved on. You will find yourself enjoying and thinking about the past pain will never affect you again. You will never feel even a tinge pain. You will just laugh it all and even thankful it happened.
•    Never close your heart. Be open to new possibilities. Never stop and never be afraid of falling in love again. Your experience may scare you. Think of how you have gotten through it all. Believe that every pain has a triple reward of happiness.
A heartbreak can be the biggest factor of a life change. Most of us, are too engrossed with your present relationship that your world just revolves around one person. Some may even give up their dreams and learn to be content being with the person they love. So, after a breakup, a divorce, rejection, don’t you think that it is an excellent opportunity that you are finally free? Free to pursue your dreams, free to go anywhere, free to meet new people, free to fall in love again. No matter how old are, don’t think that it is too late for you. Think of all the things you can do now.
Make peace with your past. Forgive, so you can totally move on. Accept that things doesn’t always go your way. Sometimes, everything that’s happening now is to teach you a lesson and for you to be able to find someone better. Cry as loud as you want. But after that, eat, sleep, exercise, work and love