I used to be a very emotional person, one thing others can never tell about me
because of my strong personality outside.
I am not good, I also committed mistakes just like anybody,
but I can tell you when things are coming out of hand  
when things seems to fall again, when I am no longer ‘me’ .
Things running in my mind right now just like an applicant waiting for her turn,
A perfect plan that needs a perfect time.
It may seems impossible to others, but never they can tell how possible it can get,
Some says wait, but I said Why?
Do you think I’m weak? No, but I’m on its peak,
Call me crazy, but you knew it’s not funny. 
This dreams I have will have to start once again,
This dreams I have will have to start once again,
I have started a fight, so why should I give up on this Life?
I know Im not perfect but Im serving our perfect God,
A perfect God that has prepared a perfect plan for my life,
Some thinks they’re happy coz of their money,
but I say sorry because you looks so damn lonely,
Coz even Solomon tried to search the meaning of his life,
Had lots of golds and built more temples,
A thousand wives who sat besides him every minute of his life,
He tried so hard, that makes him bad, In the end, he died young,
that sounded like a ‘bang’,
Too late for him to realize that a life without God is meaningless,
now meaningless, and will be forever meaningless,
So Sorry but this Words are meant for you, it may sounds weird,
but please don’t be so naive,
So Listen as I say and laid
‘We are now here to worship God, so be ready and be prepared for the “Afterlife”.
By: Jhea Cruz Santillan